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EasyITpro Introduction

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EasyITpro provides professional computer support in the Edmonton area to small businesses that have between one and fifty computers. I have a lot of years in the IT industry - I worked big business in my years with General Electric. I spent years in Silicon Valley with 3Com. I've written a couple of technical books that most would never want to read.

For the last ten years I've been helping small businesses with their computer troubles, taking ownership of their issues and providing a worry-free environment where it all just works.
In my experience that's what everyone wants, they just want it to work and they want it to be easy. That's what I do. My business is to enable your success, give good counsel and stay out of your way.
I have some standard solutions that I offer when appropriate but honestly every situation is a little different. I strive to offer a reliable solution, leveraging some cloud solutions with constant monitoring, remote management and as much as possible I strive for a predictable, reasonable price for all-inclusive service.
I avoid expensive, cutting-edge technologies, preferring proven, mainstream products from vendors that I know will still be around in a decade. Most of my work is Microsoft but I'm a really big fan of what Apple and Google are doing, particularly with mobile.
This is a great time to be in Small Business technology, it is so much easier now than it has ever been before. The power of remote tools, the availability of remote support teams of supergeeks, and the cloud is a true game changer. I'd love to talk to you about any of these things.

Category: Teknologi
Tertambah 24 Apr 2017