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Fruit Gunner

2,324 kali dimainkan
Deskripsi game

Fruit Gunner is a casual fruit gunner game. This game is very similar to the popular throwing with a knife, you get comfortable quickly and will be fun. But this time you play as a formidable guy with a plate and looks harmless. But he can shoot with bones and shoot down a ripe fruit. Click on the stratum of the game Fruit gunner and a certain object will appear at the top, around which red apples, bananas, peaches, oranges and other fruits revolve. Your task is to get into moving fruit targets. Ammunition will fly between them, which will not be amiss to catch in order to have a reserve in case you miss. There are different weapons waiting for you to shoot fruits so enjoy. Have fun and keep the joy by playing here at!

Category: Arkade & Klasik
Tertambah 30 Nov 2020