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Fruit Salad Bow

8,353 kali dimainkan
Deskripsi game

Fruit Salad Bowl is game where you fire arrows at the heads of your fellow townsfolk. In this game, you're trying to use your skills with a bow and an arrow in order to actually knock different items off of the heads of your fellow townsfolk. It would actually be considered bad form if you were to strike a towns-person in the actual head. The scoring in this game is based almost entirely around your ability to hit the items on the head and do it in as few shots as possible. There is zero motivation in this game to hit the townsfolk in either their body or their head. You'll have to become a master of physics and timing. This is a physics-based game where you need to make a judgment on where the arrow is going, and how hard it is being dragged down to the Earth via the overwhelming effects of gravity. Have fun playing this game here at!

Category: Tembak-tembakan
Tertambah 20 Dec 2021