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Legendary Heroin

2,613 kali dimainkan
Deskripsi game

Legendary Heroin is a knight adventure game. The world changed overnight and you are in the heart of an apocalypse. You are most likely the only hero to save the human species. You will need to use your excrement to shoot the monsters you meet in the dungeon. According to an old legend, the holy plunger has been dunked in blessed toilet water. This forbidden ritual granted it the ability to hurl feces. But beware. Do not crap yourself. Move quickly and avoid returning projectiles that bounce off the walls. Fight your way through 18 levels full of enemies including 3 bosses. It should take around half an hour to finish, or longer if you die a lot (sad). Enjoy playing the adventure of Legendary Heroin here at!

Category: Aksi & Petualangan
Tertambah 02 Oct 2020