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Rotate Your Mind?

2,972 kali dimainkan
Deskripsi game

Rotate Your Mind is a free puzzle game. We all love squares Squares are the favorite four sided two-dimensional object of over 91% of the population. Whether we use them as tiles in our favorite flooring or as window paines in our favorite holes in the wall one thing is certain: Squares are here to stay. In Rotate Your Mind we take squares to another dimension, the second dimension. After using a proprietary algorithm on our experimental quantum computers to flatten the 6 sides of a bunch of dice into a single side --which we have called a square-- we placed them into a physics puzzle game. In Rotate Your Mind your job is to take control of a jagged, angular shape filled with these squares and rotate it and the screen itself in order to deliver them safely to their destination. It is a game that will test your patience, your resolve, and your fundamental understanding of cause and effect. This is a game of physics and a game of shapes. It is truly a game for kings and queens.

Tertambah 08 Jun 2022