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Roxie's Kitchen: Cromboloni

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Deskripsi game

Play the tasty cooking game Roxie's Kitchen: Cromboloni from our favorite Roxie's Kitchen. As everyone knows, Cromboloniis a pastry filled with melting jam that is crispy and delicious. It is a celebration of the art of baking, highlighting the introduction of new bread varieties that are incredibly rich, sweet, and soft. These bread variations are quickly taking center stage in bakery displays all over the world. Let's assist young Roxie in making this well-known meal. Let's first better combine the dough and make various jams. After baking the bread, we may stuff it with jam and decorate it with creamy toppings to make it appear amazing. Lastly, please clothe her in adorable and captivating gowns and provide her with joy. Play more games only on

Developer: Y8 Studio
Tertambah 14 Apr 2024
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