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Roxie's Kitchen: Kawaii Bento

39,443 kali dimainkan
Deskripsi game

Roxie Kitchen Kawaii Bento is a cute and fun cooking game with our favorite Roxie. Here we are with Roxie, who is back to making more cooking videos on her social channel. Now she want to cook kawaii bento. As Kawai bento can be really cute and gorgeous to see and tastes yummy as well. So let us help her to cook the dish and decorate it. Let us collect the ingredients to cook and make the shapes you want, can be piggy, rabbit, and more. Fry the chicken as toppings and make the whole meal decorated with fruits and more toppings. Finally, let us help little Roxie to get dressed with latest dresses and make her happy. Play more games only on

Category: Untuk Perempuan
Developer: Y8 Studio
Tertambah 03 Apr 2022
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