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The Fungies: Fungie Finder

4,129 kali dimainkan
Deskripsi game

The Fungies: Fungie Finder a fun hidden object game to play on. Yeah kids, we all love the fungies cartoon series right. Here we bought a new game for you all. Here is the fun and interesting game to play, the main theme of the game is to find the fungies which are hidden in the water bodies, as most of the fungies will be hidden in the water bed and other locations. We have lots of fungies in our lovely cartoon, but there are a lot of other sea creatures and other animals, you have to find only the fungies and should leave all other animals and sea creatures in the water. Find the fungies and collect points, boost your reflex to find only fungies if you find other creatures and you will lose your points. Play this fun game only on

Category: Keterampilan
Tertambah 21 Oct 2020