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Main Game Truk di Kendarai truk atau kendaraan roda delapanmu melalui berbagai lintasan dan medan untuk mencapai garis finish. Keseimbangan, kegesitan, dan kemampuanmu berkendara secara efisien akan diuji pada game truk di Y8.
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The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) saw 3 titles that inspired the truck games subgenre. The first was Super Off Road (1989), Bigfoot (1990), and Monster Truck Rally (1991). Together these early console games laid the groundwork for browser-based truck games. In 1999, the PC game GTA 2 featured a top-down tracker trailer with a loadable cargo trailer. In 2006, Addicting Games released a monster truck game titled 4 Wheel Madness. This game popularized physics-based side view games and inspired a decade of these types of games. Another from the same era was Mad Truckers (2007) that popularized the top-down view 18 wheeled, big rig driving games once only seen from larger downloadable game studios.

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