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4 Wheel Madness

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Deskripsi game

4 Wheels Madness is originally a Monster Truck racing Flash Game released in 2006.

You're driving on 4 wheels, and the game involves madness, how could you possibly go wrong? This game, 4 Wheels Madness, is a typical side scrolling racer of sorts, of the type that are very common with online racers.

At first glance, 4 Wheels Madness doesn't really impress. The graphics are a bit on the simplistic side, with photo-realistic scenery often clashing with vector drawn graphics. But, as they say, don't judge a book by its cover, right?

The controls are pretty much the same as any racer of this type, with your truck mainly being controlled by the arrow keys to either accelerate and decelerate, or to balance left and right. There aren't any special keys here like controlling nitrous or firing guns, it's purely manipulating the car.

The gameplay is decent here. Sure, it's not quite high-speed, and the "madness" might be a tad misleading, but there's still solid gameplay underneath.

Each level varies in what you need to do, ranging from simply getting to the finish line, to crushing a certain number of cars within a specific time frame.

All in all, 4 Wheels Madness is a decent, if uninspired, game. It can provide some fun, and it's not exactly bad, so it's up to the individual player to either play or pass on this.

Kategori: Gim Mengemudi
Tertambah 29 Dec 2006