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Baby Cathy Ep39 Raising Crops

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Deskripsi game

"Baby Cathy Ep39: Raising Crops" invites players into an exciting agricultural adventure as they join Cathy in learning the ropes of farming. In this latest installment of the beloved Baby Cathy series, players guide Cathy through the process of planting and nurturing crops, all while donning comfortable and practical attire chosen by the player. From sowing seeds to watering and weeding, players will engage in every aspect of crop cultivation alongside Cathy. But the challenge doesn't end there – players must also teach Cathy how to craft and deploy scarecrows to ward off pesky crows intent on feasting on the precious crops. Dive into the heartwarming world of "Baby Cathy Ep39: Raising Crops" and discover the joy of farming with Cathy!

Developer: Y8 Studio
Tertambah 25 Apr 2024
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